Coaching to the Finish

You have already written a part of your book, but somewhere you got stuck. It may be halfway, or almost finished and the problem is more than just a ‘writer’s block’.

It’s a matter of direction, of choices and at this moment you doubt every next step. I want to help you. Because every story, every book deserves to be completed. What I offer, is a modest coaching program (as you can do a lot on your own), to get things moving again, to bring your manuscript to completion. For together we can complete this journey; from here to the finish!

How we’ll be working together depends on the situation. It could be like this: First I play the script-doctor. I read the manuscript so far and I make some suggestions. Then the Field Marshall takes over and we discuss strategy and battle-plan. And then, when everything flows, I will be a companion on your journey, until it’s time for celebration! The price of this offer is not a standard one. It all depends on the situation: How’s your manuscript, how long will it take to finish, how hard will you work? And is there a click, some chemistry, between you and me? It’s all important for the process and the only way to find out is to discuss this together.

So, do not hesitate any longer and contact me:

Happy to meet you somewhere on a page 
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