KickStart your Book Idea!

Every book, every story, starts with an idea.
Sure, there are people who say: ‘I just want to write a book’ – no matter what. They want the glamour of being a published author; but they have no idea what to write about. Well, for me that’s not the right way to start.
Most people DO have an idea and they really want to write a story about it, or maybe even a book. Their only problem is: what next?
For those people I have developed a special 4 steps Online Program to get from that original book-idea to the ideal Blueprint for YOUR BOOK.
No matter if you’re thinking of a novel, non-fiction or a biography.

Please understand that the real work starts there. The program will help you to make the right start. Any idea how important that is?
When I was young, I just started writing. Sometimes I didn’t even finish the first chapter.
After two years I ended up with 50 first chapters for 50 different books.

So, I learned it the hard way. My online program will help you to create a structure with the right steps. It will still be your story and there will still be a lot of creative writing in the process. But with this blueprint you will have a plan to go by and the chance of getting stuck in the process will be a lot smaller. The program consists of 1 to 1 online sessions, exercises, tips & tricks and it will be tailor-made. It will take about two hours a week for 4 weeks. Together we determine the dates. Remember: you don’t build a house by just beginning somewhere. You need a good plan.

Maybe it works with a poem. But not with a book.
So, if you want to make a good start: Go for it!

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