Write your own Life-Story!​

For how long have you been considering writing your own life-story? And how many excuses did you come up with? ‘It’s not interesting’, you may say. ‘Who would read it?’ someone asked me recently on Facebook. ‘Shouldn’t I wait another year?’ you may think… Well, NO. Don’t wait another DAY. Do it NOW. Because, if you wait and wait and wait……….. you’ll probably never do it. So, let’s DO it! You deserve it!

Believe me: everyone’s story is interesting, important and special. For you, for your family, your friends. And for the world. As more and more people tell their life-story, we will understand more and more about life and human existence. Write someone else’s story! When my father was very ill, I decided to write a small booklet about his life.

For him, for my kids and for the generations to come. It became a nice book, with stories and pictures; and my father loved it. But even more important than the product, was the process: for almost the first time in my life I had real talks with my Dad. About his life, his ambitions, his loved ones and his happy moments. These discussions were priceless. Six months later he passed away. I made a similar book for my mother, for her 80 th birthday. She also loved the book and years later, when she suffered from dementia, it was a portal to the memories of her past. If there is a moment to write a (small) biography of (one of) your parents, it is NOW. It takes time to gather all the stories, all the information. And who knows how much time you have?

So, whatever life-story you want to write: let me know! Contact me: keesmpaling@gmail.com

Together we’ll find the way 
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