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Kees M. Paling

My Mission is to help people write the story of their life, whether this is fiction, non-fiction or their own life-story.

Kees M. Paling was educated as a sociologist at Utrecht University (Netherlands) and fulfilled his military service as a lieutenant/student counsellor at the Royal Military Academy. He worked for 10 years at the Ministry of Culture and another 10 years at the Netherlands Institute for Social Research. Since the beginning of the new Millennium he worked as a communication consultant for the Dutch Government and since the Summer of 2019 he is again a writer, a journalist and a coach.

You name it, I write it: Stories, Speeches, Scripts & Slogans


Having been a writer all his life, Kees has published several books in both Dutch and English. He also contributed to several books on communication, the millennium, ‘what if-history’ and was co-editor of ‘The European Challenge’. Furthermore he has written over 1000 articles in daily newspapers and weekly magazines on many different subjects.

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Every journey starts with a first step. Make the enquiry to see what your next step could be. Take a look at the possibilities below. Like in a journey, it all depends on where you are and where you want to go. Do you have this crazy book-idea but don’t know how to continue? Do you want to write your life-story? Or your father’s or mother’s? Are you halfway with your manuscript but got stuck? Just reach out to us, so we can talk things over. There’s always another way.

What we offer

The right program just for you

A 4-steps online program to get from book idea to the ideal Blueprint for YOUR book.

Or someone else’s (family-member, friend)

Just that little extra to keep you writing and finish your book

Write a chapter in our Life-Story Book and get published!

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Now that you’ve come this far, you may just as well contact us. We’d love to help you share your story with the world. Let’s see together what we can do for you.

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